Monday, October 23, 2006

A new direction?

Call me cynical but I don't like the new layout of the Conservative Women's Organisation's website. For a start, why is it called Conservative Women's Organisation? Why not just Conservative Women or Blue Rinse or, more fashionably, Aquamarine? Then there's the problem with the photo. The heading is "A New Direction" (dubious capital letters anyway) accompanied by a photo of part of a couple of trees on the left with some rays of light on the right, emanating from a UFO or UO, presumably the sun. In my view, this photo has no sense of direction, let alone a new one. Can anybody extol its merits to me?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Apology and humble pie time....

It is becoming more apparent to my slow thought process that the Winchester Whisperer may not be 'Mr Whisperer' after all...I had taken the wrong cue from a reference to the 'forces'. It serves me right for being so sexist, and not living up to my lefty-liberal credentials, I guess.

And there was me indulging in a load of 'blokey' old chat. Curses, now you are in danger of finding out what a load of old twaddle us men do prattle on about when we try to give the impression that we are all intelligent and erudite.

Not sure to what you are referring on the website, as it has been replaced by a 'cutesy' dog and cat. And the new 'Tory' logo. I was going to direct you to one of 'Steve Bell's' cartoons of the new Tory logo, but it may offend your sensibilities. All the best.

9:28 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I did notice on the website that they are asking if one wants to be a 'friend' of CWO...

This is like those other requests I have seen in the past to be a friend of the 'St. David's Hall Cardiff' or the 'Arnolfini' in Bristol or any number of orchestras / concert halls in London.

Perhaps from now one, if someone wants to be my 'friend' I will offer them the option of Bronze/Silver/Gold levels with a suitable annual fee. If they don't cough up / cancel their direct debit - out they go. It would make the Christmas Card list a whole lot easier.

10:25 pm  

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