Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Hospital pass

My dear friend collapsed and was admitted to Gloucester hospital so I sent her an emergency parcel on a Friday, guaranteed next day delivery. She did not receive it the next day. Perhaps it was lost in the hospital post system and may be found at some point that weekend? Fat chance! I tracked the parcel on the internet: it had not yet been delivered but would arrive on Monday. Meanwhile, my friend was hoping to leave the hospital on Monday and said she'd wait for the post. No parcel and, no, she couldn't leave before more tests. Tuesday, glorious day: she could go home and the parcel arrived just as she was leaving! I wrote to the Post Office complaints department, requesting a refund of the £8.50 postal charge. They replied that hospitals were not on the list of places where delivery could be guaranteed and therefore they would not refund me. No apology was given for the fact that their staff were unaware of this ruling. Unbelievable!


Blogger Angus said...

Hospitals not on the list of places where delivery can be guaranteed. Whatever next? If the bin men can come once a week why can't the postmen do the same? Is this a plug for Fedex?

8:49 am  
Blogger Eurodog said...

And who pays for all this at the end of the day? The Post Office, the hospitals. As you say "unbelievable".

2:07 pm  
Blogger Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Yes, unbelieveable!

9:54 pm  

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