Thursday, November 17, 2011

Vienna - Birmingham for £20,000

The story of the 180 air passengers en route from Amritsar to Birmingham may be an omen of things to come. They were on a stopover in Vienna when the cabin crew announced that the Austrian carrier, Comtel Air, had run out of money and the only way to continue to Birmingham was for the passengers to pay £20,000 to refuel the plane. Otherwise they and their luggage would be removed from the plane. Passengers were escorted to cashpoint machines amidst uproar and the sum was eventually raised through IOUs.


Blogger Angus said...

Let's hope the Ryanair boss doesn't read this . Earlier this week he was quoted on the FT's Alphaville as saying his favourite passenger ' was one with a pulse and a credit card '.

1:09 pm  
Blogger Eurodog said...

Not sure whether to laugh or cry.

8:40 am  
Blogger Winchester whisperer said...

LOL Angus

9:04 am  

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