Monday, June 09, 2014

Cosa Nostra

My friend visited Conrad Black when he was in prison in Florida and asked him how he was coping.
"When I arrived," CB said, "I was asked by an inmate if I was an English Lord. I said I had been given a life peerage for my work.
'There's a man here who'd like to meet you,' said the prisoner who then took him to the cell of Don Gambino.
'Hello Signor Gambino,' said CB.
'Pleased to meet you, Lord Black,' said Gambino. 'We have something in common.'
'You mean we're both victims of the fascist US Government?' enquired CB.
'No. I mean we're both industrialists,' replied Gambino."


Blogger kinglear said...

I love the Mafia. They protect innocent people ( for a fee
of course) and give employment to millions around the world. Without them we probably wouldn't have as many police, doctors, nurses, drug runners, prostitutes,lawyers etc etc - you name it. And they get rid of quite a few undesirables one way or another. I'm going into hiding now.....

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