Monday, August 18, 2014

Seven lives

"I'm very sorry to tell you that a black cat's been run over. Have you seen your cat recently?"
On hearing this from her neighbour, my friend called her cat Sooty to no avail and then went to the road. She went back with a spade and box, returned to her garden and performed full burial rites with tears.
Five hours later she was in her kitchen when, to her amazement, Sooty leapt through the cat flap, bright eyed and bushy tailed, looking forward to his supper. She wept with delight. She went into the garden to check the grave. All was peaceful.
The next day she put a sign on the tree in the road: "Unknown deceased black cat. All enquiries to number 23."
The doorbell eventually rang. A man had lost his cat. She explained that it may be buried under a tree in her garden. He asked her to dig it up. He'd brought a box to take it for his own burial. She lent him her spade.


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People and pets.

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