Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Public/private ownership

Somebody was berating the sale of UK water entities to foreign companies on this blog yesterday. The ownership of a country's resources is a serious issue but usually only comes to the fore in times of crisis. Singapore relies on Malaysia for its fresh water, a subject which is often raised when Singapore is worrying about its national security. I was looking at a Dutch company which owned a water concession in Mexico. It was suddenly told by the government that its plant was being taken over by the state. No negotiation. Anyway they came off better than a UK registered mining company which had a mine in Kyrygzstan. When their mine was expropriated by the government, they sent their CFO over to try to negotiate. He was shot dead.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Serves him bloody well right..

What goes around, comes around.

7:36 pm  
Blogger Swearing Mother said...

So that was a definite "no" then?

Scary stuff this negotiating business.

11:17 pm  

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