Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Chinese corporate culture

One of my favourite Chinese water companies has published its results statement today which contains some interesting insights on Chinese public relations. In a section about water quality supervision, it stresses its principle of "Safety First, Prevention Foremost", saying the company "implements accountability, with the aim to be fair and strict in meeting out rewards and punishments, and to carry through the corporate mission of the Group of Supplying Water with Safety and Quality, Serving the Society Sincerely."
It has established a Water Care Fund which raises money for charity including helping rebuild Sichuan post-earthquake. In recognition of this it has been awarded "such honorable titles as 'Model Enterprise With Harmonious Labor Relations' at the state and municipal levels, 'Model Enterprise of Female Civilization' at the provincial level and "Model Enterprise of Youth Civilization" at the municipal level." Meanwhile, "'The Prettiest Lady' of Xinyu Water Affairs Group has won the Best Service Award." No more details are given about her, nor a photo.


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Maybe the Sicilians could learn a lesson here?

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