Friday, November 18, 2011


My aunt who will be 90 next year ("April the 2nd, not the 1st!") was lamenting to me how much England has changed during her lifetime. When she was 4 she used to go and play in the local park on her own and talk to all the old men who were sitting on the benches. One day, one of them asked her, "Could you do something for me?" "Yes!" she replied confidently. "I know you come to this park everyday and I'm going to be away next week." He rummaged in his pocket and produced a clean, empty bottle. "Could you ask your Mummy to put some milk in this bottle and could you put a little in the bowl for the stray cat everyday. You know where his bowl is." "Oh yes!" my aunt replied, feeling 10 feet tall.


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I think the point here is in general everyone knew everyone in their area. Older people kept a look out for younger ones and if they did something wrong reprimanded them and threaten to tell their fathers ( which would mean at least a skelp round the ear)If you did that nowadsays a) you'd be arrested for being a pervert b) for GBH and c) probably get stabbed by the little darling to boot, who would then claim it's human rights had been abused. Oh, and putting milk out for stary cats is probably the most heinous crime elfnsaftee can think of.

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