Friday, November 03, 2006

The NHS continues to depress...

The Conservative Women's Organisation has published this interview with Andrew Lansley:
Three comments disturb me in particular:
1. Andrew says that administrators could be responsible for eradicating "medical tourism" but, despite an increase in their number of 107,000 since 1997, they do not. Who then is supposed to be responsible for this?
2. He says that London hospitals are not obliged to treat patients referred by their GP. How can this be justified?
3. He says schools are not allowed to give children's weighing results to parents. Does this apply to all medical test results performed by schools? Surely the parents have the right to know the results of all tests (academic or otherwise) performed by schools on their children?
If what I have understood is correct, the Party needs to make a far stronger public stance against the Government's health policy.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm probably biased, but I saw Lansley on Question Time this last week, and he didn't really impress me, I'm afraid.

Look on the bright side though - you could have Liam 'neocon' Fox...

10:08 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hmm...You've lost me here, I'm afraid.

I thought the whole point of introducing 'choice' into the NHS was that if one uses 'choose and book' someone is able to 'tour' to the other side of the country, if one wishes, to get an operation done more quickly. Of course one might wait a little longer for the convenience of a local hospital.

My concern is that you seem to just want to go to one good quality hospital. How dull is that ?

How much more exciting to have the 'choice' between 3 or 4 mediocre hospitals...

10:16 pm  

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