Friday, January 25, 2013

Railway greats

There was consternation on South West Trains yesterday when, ten minutes after its scheduled departure time, the train was still sitting at Waterloo and passengers in the last five coaches were advised to move down the train as, due to a defective door, those five coaches would not be leaving the station. There was a stampede onto the platform and a dash towards the front of the train. While this was happening, there was another announcement, "The defective door has now been mended. Would all passengers from the last five coaches please return to their seats." It wasn't obvious how the crowd hurrying along the platform would hear this message.


Anonymous kinglear said...

wonderful¬! Stampeding passengers I always adore. I'm reminded of the herds of wildebeast stampeding onto Ryanair flights. I trust you were already at the front in first.....

12:18 pm  

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