Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Nonsense of the day

I am greatly enjoying reading (for the first time) the classic satire, "England, their England" written by A.G.Macdonell in 1933. It's a study by a Scotsman of English society in the 1920s. Here's an excerpt:

"Do you prefer crocodile or suede for fog containers?"

"For what?" faltered Donald.

"For fog horn containers. I've just lost mine beside the Mitcham Gasworks, and I've put an advertisement in the Dog-Lover's World and also in the Battersea and East Putney Philatelist to say that the Finder may keep it." He gazed at Donald with tragic intensity.

Donald's brain began to go round in circles.

"But surely that was a waste of money," he began."I mean, was it necessary to advertise, and why in a philatelic newspaper - I mean -"

The red-faced man looked as if he was about to burst into tears.

"You think the Amalgamated Assistant-Laundrywoman's Gazetteer and Boomer would have been a more attractive medium?" he asked lugubriously. Then he suddenly brightened and went on before Donald could collect himself sufficiently to say anything:"You are going to dispute my implied suggestion that any medium can be attractive. I think you're right. I hate all spiritualists myself!"


Blogger Ellee Seymour said...

It sounds wonderful, very amusing, and what a different era.

8:56 am  
Blogger Whispering Walls said...

Yes and not very long ago.

8:30 am  
Blogger Welshcakes Limoncello said...

I've never read it but now I think I would like to.

11:09 pm  
Blogger Whispering Walls said...

It's a guinea a line, WL, and I'm still only half way through!

7:38 am  

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