Monday, November 06, 2006

Remember, remember...

that Catesby of the Gunpowder Plot was descended from Sir William Catesby, the Cat in the famous satirical rhyme by Colyngbourne:

"The Cat, the Rat and Lovel our Dog,
Rule all England under a Hog"

The Rat was Sir William Ratcliffe of Ordsall Hall. The Dog was Thomas, Lord Lovell ( Lovell's emblem was a talbot, a now-extinct breed of hunting hound). The Hog was Richard III ( his emblem was a white boar). The couplet refers to the fact that this hated trio of men enjoyed enormous power and influence in the reign of the equally disliked King Richard III.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Contemporary sources say that Richard III was popular (and not a hunchback). Don't believe Tudor propaganda!

4:57 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hmmm...of more pressing importance is the fact that we the Welsh supported York in the 'Wars of the Roses'.

I think it would make sense to ask Yorkshire if they would like to secede from the rest of England and join the Welsh Assembly Government gravy train.

In fact, as I read that the coal in Wales may soon be mined again using 'clean coal' technology, perhaps we could ask King Arthur to take up a seat on behalf of the Yorkies down in Carfiff Bay ???

8:53 pm  

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