Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Egyptian treasures

If you haven't the time or the inclination to go to Cairo or Luxor, you could spend an hour at the Egyptian exhibition at Highclere Castle instead. A few of the artefacts are original, excavated by Lord Canarvon and Howard Carter before the First World War. The majority of their discoveries were sold to the Metropolitan Museum in New York to raise funds for the Carnarvon family.
Nevertheless, there are wonderful replicas of objects which they found in Tutenkhamun's tomb, including the throne above, his death mask and coffin and an intricate model ship, one of a fleet of 143 in the tomb. The originals are in the Museum of Egyptian Antiquities in Cairo and some were stolen and wrecked in the recent riots. They were retrieved and the museum contacted Highclere to use the replicas to piece them back together. Replicas have their uses!


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