Thursday, April 24, 2014

Sergei Eisenstein

Thanks to your excellent suggestions, I have enjoyed watching both The Battleship Potemkin and Alexander Nevsky. Potemkin was made in 1926 and fun to watch because the script was in Russian (with the translation underneath) so I could delve into my memory for the alphabet and some of the words, having studied Russian in my penultimate year at school. Nevsky, made 12 years later, is a "talkie" with English subtitles, but, as Mr Eurodog advised, the score by Prokofiev is very good, as are the scenes on the open plains. Both films are striking for their patriotism and for their violence. The horrible episode on the Odessa steps is unforgettable and the Teuton Crusaders had a bad press, hurling Russian babies onto bonfires. Spasiba!


Anonymous kinglear said...

Told you they were worth a look! Mind you, I'd say films of that era ( and Russian films in general) always appear to me to be pretty bloody in general

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