Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Doubting Thomas

Last week there was a marvellous exchange at a talk about Doubting Thomas and the paintings inspired by the story. Professor Michael Wheeler showed a painting by Caravaggio which had Christ's head on the left, serene, the head of a disciple at the top and one on the right, their faces full of angst and the head of Thomas at the bottom with his arm stretched towards Christ, his fingers inside the wound on Christ's body. The retired Provost of Winchester was shocked by the scene which he described as secular and completely out of keeping with the spirit of the gospel. The retired Bishop of Salisbury interjected and said he completely disagreed. The paiting in his view was utterly wonderful and depicted one of the important factors of the story: that it is a symbol of the eucharist ie Thomas needed Christ's body and blood to renew his faith.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who are you?
The only female Tory Winchester politico, who might fit the bill (interest in education,brief digests of press articles, references to Virginia etc)is not known to be a Cathedral goer, to work in London with a "boss" or to aspire to the image of one who spends her time whisking between Harvey Nick and Horrids when she's not researching white truffle supplies on the internet.
There isn't(and hasn't ever been) such a person as a Provost of Winchester (so there can't be a retired one)but I think I know who you probably meant.
As I say, I'm puzzled.
Perhaps about half of this blog is you and the other half is an invented persona assisted by one or two local informants.

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