Friday, November 17, 2006

Professional kissing

A couple of months ago after a meeting with my bank manager, she kissed me goodbye. I was rather taken aback by this, having had in my mind for many years the notion of spitting in the fireplace of one's bank manager. At the next meeting I pre-empted her and offered her my hand to shake on arriving and leaving. Phew! Back to normality, I thought. Last night I attended a wine tasting held by my bank and before I could pre-empt her, my bank manager (who was rather tiddly by that stage) kissed me goodbye. Call me old-fashioned but I do think that kissing in a professional context (and, believe me, this is a professional context)is unnecessary and embarrassing. Bring back the handshake.


Blogger Jeans Pants said...

The kissing thing is always hard to tell when to do it. You reach out your hand and the next think you see is their face coming towards you. That's when you say to yourself "oh, OK" then you kiss. Not only are handshakes better but their also easier. Then it sucks when a person kisses everyone goodbye and then shakes your hand. It's a combination of "thank God" mixed with "what the hell is wrong with me"

By they way, i was just bored and blog surfing and I came across yours. I may add it to my favorites. I like it so far =0)

9:44 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

maybe she fancies u

7:53 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Like 'jeans pants' I think this is an excellent blog - or 'cool' as I believe it is known. Luckily I am on the 'Mozilla ' browser called 'Firefox', so I can 'Bookmark' your site - much less pejorative, and without the duff spelling, of being 'Favorited' [ugh..]

I would hate to disabuse you of the notion that your bank manager fancies you. So you may want to stop reading now.

Some 5 years ago I did a stint working in the marketing department of a big 4 bank - think of a 'dark horse'...

I was more in the 'techie' area than with the 'luvvies', but picked up a few tips.. Many of the staff used to kiss people if they were down from London for the day. Some of them were chums who they hadn't seen for a while. And it was only a single kiss which was fine. However there were some French people on the team, and they generally go for one cheek, then the other, and back to the first cheek. I settled on a compromise solution of a kiss on either cheek - a sort of 'third way' solution.

But this is only by way of explaining that the 'American Way' now has the whip hand... I am not winding you up here, but the received wisdom on the 'training courses' for branch staff is that 'Customer Satisfaction' surveys show better scores if one has touched the customer.

Confusing, as marketing types tend to refer to one's use of a Cashpoint machine as the customer 'touching' the bank. They even refer to 'touchpoints' for heaven's sake.

No, the courses stress that if one has shaken the customer's hand, patted them on the back, touched their elbow, they will rate the experience of meeting their bank manager more highly and may even buy more credit cards as a result.

Far be it from to suggest that your bank manager is a bit low on her loan targets, and is getting desperate, but I have been inside the 'belly of the beast', and trust me, some of it ain't pretty...

Best regards - and keep us posted..

12:25 pm  
Blogger lady thinker said...

Well - I assume that you must be well rich to even know what your bank manager looks like. But then although Winchester has slipped down the table of 'Best Place to Live', coming second to Edinburgh this year - I assume most of Winchester's residents may only deal with banks that have a proper old fashioned Manager available - maybe that's one of the reasons why it is a desirable place to live.

12:54 pm  

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